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The team

As a manager, I advocate values such as putting people at the centre, being accessible and available to my employees, customers and partners.


Computer Telecom is a big family!

I make it a point of honour for everyone to do their best.


My medium-term vision for Computer Telecom?

To consolidate the company, follow the IT trend and promote our own solutions.


In my company, we develop ICT infrastructures, and in the midst of this, my team was struggling to keep up with its workload. They were constantly juggling multiple projects and tasks, trying to prioritise and stay on top of everything, but they always seemed to fall behind.


One day, as a manager, I learned about a new project management method called Kanban. Intrigued by the method's promise of increased efficiency and productivity, I decided to implement it within the team.


Kanban, I learned, is a method of visualizing work and limiting the amount of work in progress to improve workflow. I immediately got to work, creating a Kanban board with columns for to-do, in-progress and completed tasks, and adding cards for each task to be completed using our CRM, which also allowed us to do this.


The team embraced this new way of working without reservation. They could see at a glance what tasks were in progress and what needed to be done next, which helped them prioritise their work and avoid wasting time on unnecessary tasks.


The Kanban board also helped the team to identify the different processes that were underway. They could see when tasks were stuck in the column and work together to identify problems and find solutions. This helped them to continuously improve their processes and become even more efficient.


Ultimately, the Kanban method transformed the team's work, making it more efficient, more productive and more enjoyable. The team members felt empowered to take control of their work and deliver outstanding results, and my clients were delighted with the results.

Un influenceur sera désigné à n'importe quel moment pour chaque Team

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Back Office & HR Manager

Caty Caggiano

Team Sales


Key account manager

Laura Delvaux

CT - Shooting (20).png


Guillaume Delabie

CT - Shooting (42).png

Key account manager

Lionel Cleynen

CT - Shooting (32).png


 Lamine Ngom

CT - Shooting (18).png

Key account manager

Tony Spoto

CT - Shooting (38).png

Key account manager

Anthony Sciascia

CT - Shooting (27).png

IT & Sales Manager

Ishmael Hammadi


CT - Shooting (25).png

IT Operational Manager

Abdelmalek Aissi

CT - Shooting (10).png

IT Engineer

Maxime Vegh

CT - Shooting (5).png

IT Engineer

Antoine Huet

Group 1.png

Back Office & HR Manager

Caty Caggiano

Back Office

Layer 3.png

Presales & Back Office Officer

Daniela Accomando

CT - Shooting (3).png

Presales & Back Office Officer

Daniela Accomando

Team of certified technicians 


IT Technician Manager

Vincenzo Mannara


IT Technician

Carlo Zuchetti


IT Technician

Justin Andreolli


IT Technician

Mathieu DiFazio

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