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The customer at the center


The satisfaction of our customers is the first thing we instil in our employees.

This value mobilizes all the resources and skills of our company. It inspired our slogan “Your needs, Our solutions”.


Listen to our customers to understand their needs, Our customers are unique, our solutions too!

Client satisfait
Service de qualité

The quality


We aim for excellence in our daily actions. This requires an uninhibited questioning each time experience forces us to do so.


Our know-how is based on more than 20 years of experience, our employees are passionate ICT experts.

The community


Each of our employees contributes to the development and success of Computer Telecom individually or as a team.


This team spirit, we maintain it in our business relations

and with all our partners.


With us, experiences are shared and successes are shared!

La communauté
La proximité



We make it a point of honor to foster and maintain relationships with our customers, our partners and our teams and to forge bonds of trust with each of them.


We value strong and honest relationships.

The collaboration


“Alone we go faster, together we go further”.

We know how to surround ourselves with the right people, we have reliable and competent partners and employees who adhere to our values.


They talk about it better than us

Toutes les vidéos

Toutes les vidéos
Réalisation - BUZZY NEST

Réalisation - BUZZY NEST

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Réalisation - EASI GHENT

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Réalisation - CIRQUE ROYAL

Réalisation - CIRQUE ROYAL

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